K ommodore 64


  1. 18-09-2003 : New release: Koncert 0.1

  2. 12-09-2003 : This site was updated

  3. 28-08-2003 : First game beta release: Koncert

  4. 28-08-2003 : This site was uploaded

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What is K64 ?

The K64 project wants to provide a collection of improved clones of old videogames from various platforms like Commodore 64, adding the features provided by modern KDE and QT libraries like eye-candy graphics effects, internet statistics, multiplayer sessions, simple level editing, and so on. They will be developed mainly in C++ for GNU/Linux, but also for other platforms thanks to the KDE-QT unix-portability. Games will be released under terms of GPL .


Koncert game running:
Koncert Screenshot

The Koncert Levels' Editor:
Koncert Editor Screenshot


Games I coded / would like to code: (click to download original C64 game) You can play these games with any emulator; I suggest you VICE , available for various platforms.


You can download all releases at SourceForge project page.
  1. Koncert 0.1


Currently, I'm the only coder of the project.
I must thank Fabio Fedra for his funny musical compositions :-)
Thanks to Francesco Di Muccio for his web revision.
If you have some whishes about games, or you want to contribute with code/graphics/sounds/musics to any game, make packages, etc, please contact me.


You can contact me at e-mail address roberto.natella at virgilio.it.
You can also join IRC channel #kde at AzzurraNet network.